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Give us a call or come and see us and we'll have your tyres changed or repaired in no time ... Best Prices GUARANTEED!
Green Lanes Tyre N13 are a family run business giving a professional, honest and friendly service. Tyres are fitted while you wait.
We are specialists in all forms of tyre repair and sell all sizes of brand new, budget and part worn tyres for cars, vans and 4X4.
Conveniently located in Palmers Green and Wood Green. Closest tyre fitters to Arnos Grove and Southgate.

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Tyres Palmers Green

The options to look for in local tyre shops

Before I head out to find tyre shops near me, I decided I need to know more about the options that I have. It is essential to find out more about the different types of tyres and the features they offer.

 This makes sure that you can opt for the tyres which will enhance the appearance and performance of your car or any vehicle. I find it more convenient to shop for tyres near me since if I have a problem, I do not have to be worried about going the extra mile to reach out to them.

Let me provide you with some ideas about the options that you have:

Standard tyres

These are also referred to as general usage tyres or stock tyres. These are the ones fitted in vehicles by the manufacturers mostly. Finding them in the market is also not difficult. If you do not find anything lacking in the performance of your tyres and do not have any high expectations in this regard, these will work well for you.

They prove to be within budget and are designed to offer you satisfactory performance and use. Therefore, if you are in a problem and wondering which is the tyre shop near me open now, do not look for anything demanding in emergency and settle with standard tyres.

Touring tyres

Comfort is what these tyres have to offer. They do not produce much noise and vibrate minimally to make sure that optimal driving comfort is provided. These are preferred by those with premium cars used for going to the office or on trips.

Try to purchase from shops near you, since they are a tad bit expensive. Therefore, you would want to make sure that you get them from a reliable place. Whether it is shops of tyres in Palmers Green or tyres Wood Green, the place needs to be trustworthy.

Finding the perfect local tyre shop for emergencies
Each one of us has found ourselves in a tricky situation when our car tyre burst at the most
inconvenient time. At times like these, all we can think about is where I would find tyre shops
near me? Would they be open at this time? Would they take care of the puncture quickly? How
much would they charge for their services?
Among the various questions, the one that is most worrisome is whether I will find the tyre
shop near me open now.
The thing that you need to keep in mind is that it is always better to be prepared for
emergencies. You would not want to be stuck in the middle of the road with a punctured tyre,
only to realize that I am unable to find any shops for tyres near me.
To prevent landing in this scenario, it is advisable to always carry a spare tyre with you. This can
save you from a lot of inconvenient problems. And you would not have to pay a lot of money
for tyre changing.
There is another benefit of having a spare tyre with you at all times. You do not have to
compromise on the quality of the tyres you use. You can continue using regular tyres from your
local shop. Not every tyre is the same. Material, price, quality, and features tend to be
different. A poor quality tyre can lead to accidents as well.
Therefore, some measures should be taken to prevent such situations. Find the tyre shops
located in your area. For instance, if you reside in Wood Green or Palmers Green, you would
need to find more about tyres in Palmers Green shop or the shop for tyres Wood Green. This
will make things easier for you.

Why knowing about local tyre shop is essential?

When you purchase a car, you pay attention to the various features and specifications it has. However, not much thought is given to the tyres.

For instance, when was the last time you thought about which tyre shops near me would be suitable for my car? Have you ever wondered whether the shops for tyres near me have the various options that can ensure I get the best? The most common query regarding tyre shops that people have is if the tyre shop near me open now.

However, what many do not seem to realize that even in tyres there are various options available, with each option having something different to offer. It is not just bias or radial tyres that you can think about now.

These days, you have the option of going to a dealership or tyre shop and replacing the tyres of your car with something else which would offer you optimal performance. Tyres can change the appearance and performance of your vehicle and thus merit attention.

Two main categories of tyres are available which include premium and standard types. Premium category is further categorized into touring and sporty divisions. You will find tyres with unique construction in the premium category such as run-flat tyres or high-speed tyres. Eco-friendly tyres are in the touring group.

Thus, you have plenty of options available. It is always a good idea to opt for some local place to get your tyres as replacing them would then become feasible. Find out about shops for tyres in Palmer Greens if that is your locality of tyres Wood Green if you reside in that area.

This can ensure that you do not find yourself in deep trouble if the tyre does not work out. Reaching out to them would be easier.




Make things easier with your local tyre shop
Consider a situation wherein you are in a great deal of hurry to get somewhere. You cannot
afford to be late. However, when you head to your car, you find your car type punctured. This
can be rather annoying and frustrating, even more so if you do not have a spare tyre with you.
At such times, all you can think about is what tyre shops near me would be open. You find
yourself wondering where I can find tyres near me so that I can reach my destination early.
The thing is, waiting till you are actually in a problem can be tough. It would instead be better if
you acquaint yourself with information. In case you do have a punctured tyre, you should not
have to stop to think, would a type shop near me open now?
Instead, you should be aware of where the local tyre shop is which would be able to come to
your assistance in time of need. Whether it is tyres in Palmers' Green that we talk about or the
tyres Wood Green, it is vital to ensure that you know who you should contact if you face such a
Quite a few of us are not aware of how to change the tyres. Therefore, it would work in your
favor if you have a reliable tyre shop near you who would be able to take care of the problem in
a jiffy and would not charge you over the top for the same.
Furthermore, the type of tyre available at the shop is of importance as well. You need to ensure
that your car has puncture proof tyres with optimal quality which can save you from a lot of
trouble in the future. Take a look at the shops around you to find you can turn to in time of

Replacing the manufacturer's fitted tyres with
your preferred ones
Are you satisfied with the tyres of your vehicle? Does the vibratory effect of the tyre hamper
with your comfort while driving? Do you find the tyre noises distracting? If this is the case, you
have the option of replacing the tyres that the manufacturers fitted in the car with something
that would fulfill your expectations.
There is more to tyres than just wondering which is the tyre shop near me open now when a
tyre bursts. You should not only be wondering about where are the tyre shops near me when
you have a punctured tyre. Endeavor to find out about local tyre shops that would be reliable
so that you can replace your tyres without having to worry about quality.
Before you think, I should head out to find shops for tyres near me; you need to know more
about the options that you have.
Manufacturers often tend to fit standard tyres in the cars which are capable of providing you
with satisfactory performance. They are affordable, and thus if you do not have any more
expectations with your tyres, they should suffice.
However, not many are aware of the option of touring tyres that can be used. These are
designed to ensure that you are comfortable during your ride. They have a minimal vibratory
effect and also do not produce much noise. However, they can be a bit over the budget, and
thus it becomes essential to find a place for tyres that can be relied upon.
For instance, if you live in Palmers Green, endeavor to find about shops for tyres in Palmers
Green. Shops of tyres Wood Green should be checked out if that is your locality. This can save
you from a lot of trouble and ensure that you get what you are looking for.

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